Tuesday, June 6, 2017

06.06.17 Wet before the rain came......

     Another disappointing morning. On the beach at 5 with the end of the incoming. I thought the N/NE wind shift would get things going. Water was up and washing machine like but as usual just nothing on anything. I think this has been the slowest stretch since the first of the year. We caught more fish in January and February then in May and June. There was a stretch of some bigger fish a few weeks back but that has changed. I can't even manage a micro bass as of late.

     After trying home I took a drive and found a nice perch as the tide started to ebb. I was feeling lucky so I set up the camera to get a shot of conditions before I landed my keeper sized bass, which actually never came. Took a wave over the bow and I could feel the water enter at my neck and travel down to my socks.

     Thinking its time to give things a break. I have to catch up with school work. Have to start tying flies for the Vineyard next week. And have to stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results......which is Einstein's definition of insanity. After the Vineyard trip it'll be time to jump on the boat and hopefully the big bass will be ready to eat consistently on top.