Thursday, June 22, 2017

06.22.17 It's okay to be home again.......

     I had to ask. "Baby, I know its pushing it but can I go fishing tomorrow morning?. Answer, "Sure".
Before I left for the Vineyard Joe Pheifer had gave me a crab fly to use. I remember seeing Bill Massey and Bill Hoblitzell using crab flies in the summer months and I never really gave it a shot with any heart. I always thought of them for sight fishing but not in the bigger surf.

This morning I filled up the truck with water and was down by 5 am. I came out firing throwing a nice white Hollow Fleye working the beach and rocks without a tap. I saw Richie who said "We have great water and tides all week, then you came home". He told me the fish have been reddened or bleeding under their jaw, a sign that they are rooting around for food.

Joe Pheiffer photo
     Not getting a tap and just as the tide turned I put on a Joe's Crab Fly and went to work. Cast, slow retrieve, bam. I landed three nice bass and had Andy in the area who took a few picks. One thing that's nice is fishing crab flies takes the quick casts and fast retrieves away and makes it nice and slow and slightly more technical. It made me feel okay to have be home from the Vineyard. 

     One thing is different about crab flies in the surf or trough, the bass hit it like a train, inhale it, and can take it deep. Make sure you have a pair of longer hemostats to safely remove the hooks, and crush the barbs otherwise you';; make them bleed as you try and jam your fist in their throat to remove your fly. 

     Truck update. Looks like a water pump, power steering pump, and the long belt that powers everything. Should be up and running tomorrow.