Saturday, June 24, 2017

06.24.17 Dark, light, rain, sun, lightning, run, incoming, outgoing, 0430, 1000.....

     This post will kind of be all over the place. Was up and out at 0330 hitting WaWa before jumping on the Parkway south. Had a plan starting south and working my way north. By the time I geared up and tied on a fly it was 0428am. There was light, just enough to see that there wasn't a lot of water in yet. No water, no fish. 

     Maybe I should have stayed on waited for the water, and fish, to move in because an un-named friend got two nice fish probably about 2 hours into the tide. I couldn't wait so I wracked my brain 
Not my photo

thinking of a few spots where more water would be moving around the rocks. It was nice enough early with the sun poking out in front of me and clouds forming behind me. I went with the sand eel fly, then went with a black Kinky Muddler, then a crab fly. Didn't do anything but three sundials on the crab fly. The wind was S, SW, E, and then W as I finished up. As time went on light arrived and

ominous clouds, winds, and rains showed up. Getting wet was fine but I kept the lookout for lightning, which did eventually show as it started to monsoon. As I made my north it was nice to find some Johnny-On-The-Spots on the boardwalk. That's one nice thing about the summer months, there's always a bathroom of some type a town or two from where you're fishing. I guess there was mention of a possible tornado running through Howell up to parts of Middletown. I can tell you it was nasty as I fished through the rain and lightning. I know stupid, but I made quick casts. 

     One thing of note. Someone please tell the Army Corp that having huge runoffs just emptying onto the beach won't do much good. It floods the beach, but, what it does do, is cut a swath down to the ocean. And what that does is give the beach a low spot where the big water or incoming tide can run up and then pull sand out. The Roseld pocket will be back soon!!! It's only a matter of time until the water hits the sea wall and you won't be able to pass from Roseld to Brighton, just like in the good old days. 

     And lastly lets talk bait. It's summer and the young of the year baits are starting to show. Either I have or my friends have seen, picked up, saw thrown up, or snagged a variety of fluky and bassy treats. Mole crabs, Asian crabs, shedders, sand eels, silversides, and maybe tiny bunker or shad. It's what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack and those are great fly rod imitation baits. 

Leif Peterson photo
Leif Peterson photo
Paul Eidman photo

      Just wanted to share a few good fish pics from friends this past week. Joe's crabs are catching nice fluke in addition to nice bass when you can catch rooting around the troughs. Gerry finished up nicely

Joe Pheiffer photo
in Martha's Vineyard on Friday getting it done with fish over 30 inches in beautiful weather. I can honestly say that even though I just got back from the MV trip for 2017 I can't wait to go next year. Next year will be better for me, my classes end in May and I don't start up until September 2018, then it's a easy slide to graduation. BTW, my truck needed a new water pump, new power steering pump, and the six foot long belt that powers everything.......$852.00.

Gerry Fabiano photo
     And lastly, I checked out the barometric pressure this morning. Usually most days it says Good or Very Good but today with it at 29.65 it was poor, and for me it was. More on pressure and fish in a later post.