Thursday, March 30, 2017

03.30.17 Got two brand new from Orvis......

     Couple of surprises today. Came home to find two triangle shaped packages on my steps. My Orvis fly rods, the 10 and 11 wt H2's are back, well both are brand new and ready for service. My next surprise was fishing from 12-2 this afternoon during what I thought would be a perfect ebb tide and not getting a tap. Although it doesn't look like it the water was brown in spots from pumping off a local creek where the ACOE is constructing a new outflow. And the there was the commercial

trap that I found walked up wth all kinds of ropes attached to it. I thought for sure there would be a plug I would find wrapped up in it that could make some of my plug-nut friends jealous. But it was clean or was either picked through by someone else that found it before me.

     And then there was this fire in an occupied 2-1/2 story frame around the corner from my house. Looks like there was a decent 2nd floor fire and I hope the ladders placed there were for precaution and not for an occupants or firefighters that were trapped. Hope everyone's alright.