Tuesday, March 7, 2017

03.07.17 Cold musta put them down.....


 Wanted to give it a go since I had a break from school and work. Hit the mid-outgoing out front and shared the beach with Richie. Walked and threw along the beach and from the rocks without a tap. Water looked good but didn't see or find anyone home. This cold spell could have something to do with it.

     It's March, so monies are dues are due at he marina for land storage and the pre-season work bill due at Gateway. It was time to pay them both. Should be ready the first or second week of April for the maiden voyage. While on theta side of land I checked out the bay. Nothing showing. No birds except a few floaters, no bait, and no fish for the hour that I threw a fly into the water. Interestingly enough the swing in air temperatures can be evident in the swing in water temperatures. Water temps inside last week were in the low 50's, today probably hit 40 later in the day.

     Next time out I'm heading deep in the back to see if I can find the mother load of adult bunker guys have been seeing. Don't doubt them, just want to see for myself.