Sunday, March 19, 2017

03.18.17 Gonna start up soon....

     St Patty's Day is here and gone and hopefully so is winter. Beaches are all kinds of cut up in a good way following out storms during the last few weeks. The water warming trend stopped and the Raritan Bay in the 'Burg is showing just above 35 degrees. This week I sent in my Orvis H2 11wt that I broke the tip on this winter and my H2 10wt, my favorite rod, that started to lose it's finish up and down the rod especially around the guides. I don't think that's on Orvis, like a production flaw, as that rod has seen some hard core service and it's probably normal excessive wear and tear.

     Speaking of rods and waders and warrantees. Just my opinion. There needs to be a change in the "lifetime warranty", well maybe the "for whatever reason". I broke the tip on the 11wt, the repair shouldn't be on them, I have no problem pitching in towards it. The 10wt, again, no ones "fault", lots of good times and use, I'd pay towards a re-due or repair.

     And when it comes to waders. Yes, if they leak on the first day, I want new ones. Even after a season or two they need to be repaired or replaced. But this lifetime beat-to-piss wader exchange isn't good for anyone. It let's the kids not take care of their stuff and it makes manufacturers responsible for a lifetime.

How many cars or trucks have we purchased over our lifetimes? Why should we only have to buy one fly rod and one pair of waders and never replace them if they get banged up or broke because of our actions, or lack thereof, or just time after time of good fun and fishing?