Thursday, March 2, 2017

03.02.17 Gonna give these a try.....

     While it may be easier, and more expensive, to find materials tot with at fly shops and on the internet shopping at your local craft store could leave you with some other alternatives. while shopping with the kids the other day for school project stuff I found these "Wiggle Eyes" and they made me do a double take.

     These eyes stick, move, and with two together create enough of a rattle that might get them noticed underwater. They also would create bulk when glued to your favorite fly and then covered with some type of acrylics like Tuffleye for durability.

    These bags cost $2.99 for the 7mm (144 pieces) and $1.99 for the 5mm (220 pieces). That's a lot of flies.  I took the picture on a piece of sheet foam, that costs $.99 and will be used in conjunction with Bill Murphy's EZ Body for those floating sand eel flies.