Sunday, March 26, 2017

03.26.17 Nice conditions, but more for the fall......

     Going into this weekend the wind and temps were nice. West and 60. Last night after leaving The Bar Room I checked out the surf and the wind had swung  NE. Joe had fished in the morning and did steady and well. Lots of young bass around. That 2014 class may be big and better than what was thought.
      We started down before dark and when on the beach I didn't have a good feeling. Just about top of the tide. NE. Kinda big. Cold. Great fall weather, not so much for early spring. Well actually its okay for spring just wish we could have stayed for the ebb tide. We fished for a bit and jumped one spot and then were done by 8. While there was no fish it was fun to make a few cool images. While I do have two G12's now I just pulled out the iPhone 7s for these. Stupid simple.