Tuesday, March 28, 2017

03.28.17 Fail and no March bass.....

     With my waders back at Orvis, and not able to be repaired, I decided to break out the boat boots and throw a pair of cut-off waders over, or just at the top, of them. FAIL! Headed down south to a very rich town and gave it a go. Outgoing tide but still enough wave action to run up the beach, up and over the boot, and down inside. Cold sloshy outing.

     Water looked good and there was enough movement that made it look fishy. The water is still chilly and I think it's you just gotta be there at the right time on the right tide. The other day I was at dead high, today dead low. Even though my feet were cold I did give it a good shot and didn't get a bump. Worked it low and slow and in the moving water. Looks like no March bass for me.

     On the way back north I stopped in Deal to check out things at the Pump House. Looks horrible. I miss Whitehall and Roosevelt. Lot's of good memories fishing there, and watching my friends north and south of me fishing the beaches and rocks. How long till Whitehall is back? A long time.