Thursday, March 23, 2017

03.23.17 Glad things aren't going yet.....


     Busy, busy, busy. Just like everyone else. If you ever wondered what it would be like returning to school say in your late 40's or 50's I can tell you- it's just not right. We learned differently. We think differently. And we are just differently. This week its another brutal do-or-die exam in Pathophysiology. Nine chapters spread throughout the 40-pound textbook that spans about a thousand pages. Pain. Psychiatry. Female Reproduction. Cardiology. Skin. All in both adult and kid versions.


My studies and work were disrupted this week for a procedure up at Mt Sinai. Let's just say general anesthesia was involved. Above my mother is escorting me into the room, thank God I wore 2 gowns.
As far as fishing things are still slow and waiting to go. I will say there are bunker in brackish water in my neck of the woods, for those that know where I reside. Not many, but I saw a few dead ones and a few birds choking them down. The blues and bass will arrive soon.

     I'm still watching the temps in the bay. Hopefully the snow has melted and the runoff soon to subside and this weekends rain might just warm it up a bit. Funny how a few weeks ago bay temps were at 50 degrees. My class is done, 83 is passing, April final exam is the first day of the One Bug weekend. I hope I'm going into that exam up a few points as my mind will be on the river.