Sunday, February 26, 2017

02.26.17 Great two days in Philly......

     $7.99 a pound at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia. Imagine how many pounds at this price it takes to cover all of your business expenses and then make a decent salary and turn a profit? Wow. If they sell it wholesale for $4 a pound, that means to take $1 million dollars would take 250,000 pounds of stripped bass. Say the average fish is 10 pounds, that's 25,000 striped bass, each year, for just this one operation. Wow. Just think how many there are up and down the East Coast. From guys on the beach to boats in the ocean. 

     Anyway, went down to see the Rowan boys with their kid sister. Had a quick overnight but it was a blast. Stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in Center City which was affordable at $175 total, and that included breakfast for four since Theresa had a situation with (avoid them!). 

     When it came to dinner I read off a few choices, Italian, Melting Pot, Chili's, some Brazilian steak place.....Yes!!! The carnivores were into it, it's all you can eat and it's all meat. At $52 a head that doesn't do much for someone with a gastric sleeve. I had the salad while the kids went to town. Really cool place, bring your appetite and your wallet. Four of us......$210, and I didn't go all in and Erin was half price because she didn't age out just yet. 

        Today it was breakfast and then to the Franklin Institute. I don't want to sound cheap, but other guys in the lobby were saying the same thing, "I don't ever remembering this place being so expensive". Four of us admission plus the Jurassic World thing.......$140. Let me just say, it was a very interesting crowd there, two colors came to mind as I looked and white.

      For lunch we hit the Reading Market and we all went different ways. We ate a  Carmine's Cheesesteaks, Dinic's Pork and Beef roast beast sandwich, Shanghai Gourmet chicken and broccoli, and me a box lunch from The Turkey Platter. Right before we headed back to Rowan Erin and I got our shoes shined, something she has never done before. One of the guys was from Asbury Park.

     But besides having time with the kids I scored by some luck a MINT babied Canon G12 from Craigslist. Occasionally I surf the net looking for a used one and the below lot was still available and listed at $175. The cameras a beauty, all kinds of extras, and a Photoshop Elements to play with, which is cool because I've only been using Lightroom. This is by far pound for pound my favorite digital camera ever.