Friday, February 10, 2017

02.10.17 Got mine......

     I have a collection of old discolored inside and out Igloo coolers on my back porch. Luckily most of my parties are at night so people aren't scheeved out by my beer, soda, and water holders. And as far as keeping ice cold and solid, who knows, they don't seem to keep things cold that long. 

    For several years I have seen anglers and some friends that can afford and have a need for a high priced cooler, say one made by a company called YETI. Their cool, no pun intended, in their branding, effectiveness, and ruggedness, with some skippers even using them as a casting platform. 

    Around Christmas my Facebook feeds kept getting barraged with ads from RTIC, a cooler company that seemed to be making an exact replica as YETI. I didn't pull the trigger then, and waited about a month before all the hard coolers were sold out. I was looking at the 65, which YETI sells for $399, RTIC normally for $199 and the special had them at $124. Well I missed it. But I did order the Soft Pack 30 and it came today. This will be a great cooler replacement for use on the drift boat and on the Jones Brothers. 

     I am reading that recently YETI won a patent lawsuit over RTIC and that the loser had to liquidate all of their stock before they announce a unique and new line May 1, 2017. I'm not pimpin' but if you're interested you can see for yourself at