Friday, February 24, 2017

02.24.17 Good for five more years......

      All renewed with the NYS DEC. This year I also have my Captain's license renewal, which is a little bit more involved. This time of year I am remembering all of the pains of the business side of guiding. The licenses, the insurances, the permits, the accounts, the documentation, and most importantly the cost of doing business before you even do business. So many people and inspiring guides don't realize all that it takes to run or attempt to run a legit and profitable guiding business.  I think many times guides, and their accountants, really question of their running a business or supporting a hobby. I know for me my attempts to running full time came up short. I made $250 doing a talk in January 2014, tough to survive the skinny winters unless the den is packed with cash from the fall. I always tip my hat to those that can truly do this as a profession.

Looking forward to a great 2017, and introducing more people to the great sport of fly fishing.