Saturday, February 25, 2017

02.25.17......frustrating morning

      Got down before first light. Top of the tide. Big surf. I was the first guy on the beach. I saw about 40 fish caught. I didn't get a tap. For some reason they wouldn't take the fly today. Fished the same beat as about 6 guys who all caught, the only ones to get the skunk were me, and the other guy with a fly rod.

     Started with black. Nothing. Went to chartreuse. Nothing. Went small. Nothing. Went bigger. Nothing. Went fast. Nothing. Went slow. Nothing. Went close. Nothing. Went far. Nothing. Guys were getting them on Bomber and Bucktails. Fish after fish after fish.

     Yesterday my buddy Joe got out on the flip and found what we're all looking for when the smaller fish are around in big numbers. Wonder if the cold front moving in will end this week or so of fun that we've been having.

Joe Pheiffer photo