Wednesday, February 22, 2017

02.22.17 Would've been happy with just one.....

     After a skunk yesterday today after a long day with homework I figured I'd hit the top of the tide and afternoon thing. I got out about an hour before high and hit a few spots without a tap. Still nice enough day but I knew something was somewhere. Didn't see the birds like yesterday and I wondered where they went.

     Hit a few spots. Made a bunch of casts and then hit a home run just as the tide turned. Saw swimming bait to far off the beach that looked wakey like mullet do, but it must have been herring. I had a white Deceiver on and didn't get a bite so I switched to the chartreuse, and that was the fly. Left the fish biting quitting just before dark at 615. While one would have done, the total had to be over twenty. Mostly 18-22 inch fish with a few micros mixed in. What kept me going at it, besides having a blast, was the thought of something lurking in the mix with the 3-5 year olds.

     I thought things might have been shut down with the south winds but the fish were eager and hungry. Water temps feel cold although I am seeing readings above 40 to 42. What's great is usually these early fish, if they are in fact early, or late, or never left, is that usually they only eat the bait. A few other guys out had them on plastics and a small Bomber. Maybe the opening day bite won't be limited to the rivers and bays.