Thursday, February 2, 2017

02.02.17 ASMFC votes for "Option 5".....

     When the stripers thin out there's nothing more fun than fly fishing from the beaches for summer flounder, also known as fluke. Fisheries management is a bouncing ball, and the ball has bounced once again. Today the ASMFC voted on and passed Option 5, which, sets reduced limits for New Jersey fisherman.

     It needs further approval from the technical committee and the Secretary of Commerce, but if approved New Jersey would see the daily limit go down to three fish at 19 inches with a 128 day long season. New Jersey is rejecting this option and plans on leaving the 2016 regulations in place. Regardless of what you think, and which way of the aisle you are on, don't think for a minute that the politics and money that flows with fisheries management isn't in full effect right this minute. There will be pressure on the Trump administration to somehow keep things status quo for 2017.

     If you believe in the science that has been presented, then "you get what you get and you don't get upset". If you believe that the ocean is ever-sustaining, and that recreational guys always get screwed and have nothing to do with poor numbers, then you will join with the groups and the lobbyists and fight until the end, hoping to be able to catch more, and more, and more fish.

     One thing that does puzzle me is, how many short fluke get killed each year until anglers get a hold of the 17-1/2, 18, or now 19 inch sized legal fish? These fish eat, eat hard, and swallow deep. Gulp! and killies and spearing and squid strips deep down the gullet.

Stayed tuned......