Tuesday, April 22, 2014

04.22.14 REALLY?? Not a bite....c'mon.....


     I know fishing isn't all about catching....but c'mon....not even a bite! Took my favorite "client" out yesterday on her day off from school for some fishing. When a kid tells their dad, " Dad, I want to go fishing.", that's a sure drop what your doing and get going message. 


     After "making bait" we headed down to Deal Lake and soaked some worms and threw a spinner for a few hours. We didn't get a tap. I kept telling Erin this was a good spot as I have seen countless fish come over the rail as pass by in my truck. Well, she didn't believe me for a minute. 

Some guide I am....couldn't even put my daughter on a fish.

    We had fun besides the lack of a bite. But there should be an unwritten rule that when a parent takes a kid fishing at least a bite should be in order. Now, I have always been against the movement that, everyone wins, everyone gets a trophy, because thats not really how the world goes. That said, I'll bend my "rules" a bit when it comes to kids and fishing. Yes, we don't always catch fish when we go, but it sure would have a cake topper to catch...even a sunny! 

I hope she calls me for another trip.....