Monday, April 21, 2014

04.21.14 Quick early in the back and then out front.....

     It's about this time that striped bass start to show in the back of the rivers and start to chase bait and eat. Hit it this morning looking for any signs of life back there but I couldn't find any. Started out with fly rod in hand doing more watching then casting. A few dozen casts didn't produce a bite so I moved out front.

     Things are surely off a week or so but you'll never really know if you don't go and either scout or fish. One thing I noticed the last two days is the amount of sand that is around at low water. I have to attribute this to the beach replenishment projects that have occurred south of here. No doubt that sand is moving with the current to the north. There are more sand bars then I have seen in years, Usually, even on low water, there are spots that hold water and current but they are less and less.

     I'm not looking for a bass to bite to prove that, but I see a noticeable change out there. I will have adjust my fishing closer to the flood tides in order to find fishy water.