Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04.16.14 PHEW!!!!.....that's over it's time to fish.....

     Well, after a long 8 month process of applying to and visiting colleges both far and near my oldest son Ryan.....drum roll.....decided on Rowan University! I am happy with his decision and proud of  him at the same time. In the end we were between NJIT, TCNJ, Rutgers and Rowan. Our trip down there today and time well spent with members of the math department was well spent. Ryan is majoring in math, well pure math, and this school seemed to meet his needs.

     Now, that said, it has been a long time coming for me as well. Time in the car, time at the schools, time spent talking with Ryan, and an untold number of hours online looking at everything from college and student reviews to rankings about education, crime, and yes, parties.

I am now ready to close that chapter, and get to taking people out fishing.....looks like the timing was pretty good as we are about to see the "true" spring start. Outside of todays snow, the temps in the air and the water should start to rise and the little and big fish should start moving, showing up, and eating in the fresh and salt waters!