Thursday, April 3, 2014

04.03.14 And so it begins.....

     Yep, its that time. Spring is here. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and leave blowers are humming. Thought I take this morning and make take my maiden voyage for 2014. There's been some recent catches of bass in the bays and rivers and I even saw one from out front. This time of year the anglers soaking worms or clams seem to dominate the positive fishing reports although bass will hit the plug or fly if things line up.
     The water temperatures out front are 41 and in the Raritan Bay 43, they will fluctuate a few degrees on the tides and time of day. Today was perfect, wind from the NE, lots of white water, lots of swimming birds picking just felt fishy. I spent about an hour or so making casts with a BTD (bucktail deciever) more getting out the cobwebs and loosening up the shoulder. I've been in the gym so the shoulder is loose, just not fly casting loose at this point.
     It felt good be out and back on the rocks getting into the rhythm of casting and contemplating. Even though I went without a bite it was good to be back out there. It feels like its been such a long time since I landed a fish, that's because it has.