Monday, March 31, 2014

03.31.14 I have to admit...I'm kinda glad we're behind schedule.....

     Yes, I would love to be out catching bass now before heading up to the Upper Delaware in a few weeks. That would be nice. But, honestly, like a lot of you, I have a ton of stuff going on. This month of April is when my son will make his big college decision.

    This is one of the hardest processes I have been involved in. Between, what school, what major, what minor, how to pay, and a slew of other questions that need to be answered I'm about ready to stroke out. I know.......most of you......since the average age of a fly fisherman is like 75, have been there, done that.

     Ryan is majoring in "Pure Math"with a minor in Physics. He's smart, real smart, me - not so much - not in the way he is. I don't even know what "Pure Math" is-

Here's what it is -

Mathematics is both an art and a science, and pure mathematics lies at its heart. Pure mathematics explores the boundary of mathematics and pure reason. It has been described as "that part of mathematical activity that is done without explicit or immediate consideration of direct application," although what is "pure" in one era often becomes applied later. Finance and cryptography are current examples of areas to which pure mathematics is applied in significant ways.

    So for the next three weeks it will be in those folders, on the phone, visiting the schools and meeting professors and sitting in on classes, and attending open houses and acceptance days.

    We are down to TCNJ, NJIT, Rutgers-Camden, Robert Morris University, and Rowan. We got scholarships from all but TCNJ.

    So yes, this will crimp my back bay and river outings, and, I'm out on the West Branch Angler's Hell or High Water on Saturday April 12th......I'll be in Rutgers- Camden, enjoying the sights.