Monday, March 17, 2014

03.17.14 Happy St. Patrick's Day......all this recent Delaware talk has me itching......


     Well between the EJTU and Orvis Marlton talks on the Upper Delaware I can say I am getting jazzed up for the FUDR One Bug and the arrival of spring in the Catskills. I am spending time going through my rods, gear, and flies in anticipation of the season. For me it will start with a trip up to the West Branch Anglers "Hell or High Water" event held Saturday April 12th, HERE, where there will be plenty of reps, tyers, events, music, beer and the film tour to get you ready for the season.

     While I am up there I will grab my drift boat from Roscoe and bring it home for a tune up. Then I will be heading up April 25, 26 and 27 for the Friends of the Upper Delaware River's "One Bug". 
That's always a great weekend and Friday nights kick-off dinner, silent auctions and raffles are a ton of fun. If you aren't in the One Bug, you can still come and eat, drink and be merry Friday night! From 

then on it will be a mix of float trips on the Delaware Rivers and quick rides home for walk and wade and boat trips on the Jersey Shore. Luckily people have picked or are picking dates which makes planning a little easier then last minute. 

     While going through my gear I tried on my Orvis waders and found them to be about 3 sizes to big, the picture above shows me in a little more rotund shape then I am now. So while I was down in Marlton I was able to get a introduction to the various wader types and sizes and settled in on a pair of Silver Sonic Guide Waders, HERE. They are built to stand up to a daily walk and wade and drift boat beating and with the welded seams leakage won't be in the back of my mind. 

     It's a great time, for the fresh and salt, to pull your gear out and give it a once over....and maybe even get out and make a cast or two on the newly fallen snow of today. 

Below is a little short on the Silver Sonic Waders.....