Wednesday, March 26, 2014

03.26.14 Great 'Tie for Pie" night with the ASWF at Klees.....

     Another good night of tying, drinks, and pizza at the ASWF "Tie for Pie". As the snow started to fall we gathered on the second floor of Klee's to tie up some flies and learn and share secrets and techniques from one another.

     I was able to sit down with Bob Popovic's and work on my BTD's ( bucktail decievers) technique from one of saltwater fly fishings best. The lesson started with how to pick through the bucktail for perfect pinch of tail through tying it in to finishing the fly. It was time well spent on my part.


     Even though Bob doesn't finish his flies with eyes I decided to throw some eyes and CCG on one of the BTD's, and I kind of learned, I am an "eye guy". Most say eyes are applied more for the fisherman than for the fish, but I just like the way they look, and I feel it finishes the head of the fly.

     One member, name left out so not to incriminate, said don't show any pictures of him with a vacuum in his hand because he will get nothing but heat at home and work over it......I can't tell who that is, so I am sure his secret is still safe.