Monday, March 10, 2014

03.10.14 I think we've turned the corner.....

     Yes, I think, but what do I really know, that we're on the downward slide of winter and soon-ish things will be getting going. Anglers look for 50 degree water temps to as their gauge to get out and go fishing. The last two winters we fished into March with declining water temps into the lower 40's. It's a little different when water temps are going down, then when they are coming up. Fish will stick around if the water temps, and food, keep them in a comfort zone, even if it's on their lower end of tolerance.
     The air temps are in the 40's and some days of 50 are predicted, but its the water temps that we need to pick up to have the striped bass and bluefish get moving north.

     I, like others, are starting to look for signs that some fish have arrived, or started to eat. And, with a lack of anglers out, there;s no better place than to look, then the internet. The forums have been abuzz with lots of false reports and jokes of big catches and blitzing fish, along with pictures of scantily clad women holding big fish, with claims they were caught in New Jersey. It's all in good fun.
    But Dave Dave Showell of the Absecon Bay Sportsmen's Center posted a pic of the first keeper to arrive at his shop. It was caught this past weekend in The Great Bay, on a plug! The fish was 30 inches and weighed 19 pounds.
     So while you wait, its a great time to go through your gear, and make any early season purchases now so you don't just "go with" what you already have. Check your waders, check your fly lines, and either start tying up or purchasing some flies, the right flies, so you'll be ready for your first trip.