Monday, March 3, 2014

03.03.14 Good moon to scout on.....

     Now, today may not be the best day for a leisurley walk on the beach scouting your favorite or new waters. Todays air temps below 20 degrees and 2-4 inches of fallen snow make it feel like winter again. But, on Saturday is was a different story. Saturday's New Moon had the high tides high, and the low tides low, and it was a great day to hit the beach and scout, and look for sea glass and sharks teeth.
     There's nothing like a good low moon tide to check out and see what really going on under the waves. How does the water move on the outgoing tide? What kind of structure, although always changing, provide ambush locations for predator fish to lay in wait? And, what do I keep losing my flies on repeatedly over the course of the year?
     Just like approaching the water, and watching and waiting, scouting is a great time to check out new and familiar waters, that goes if you're a fresh or saltwater angler. So, no doubt, Cabin Fever has touched us all, the shows and the internet are keeping the fever somewhat at bay, but to really stay "healthy", get out and scout, it will pay off when things start up again.