Wednesday, May 30, 2012

05.30.12 Gonna leave them biting as I head to the Adirondacks and the Catskills

     I was going to try and fish looking for a late night bite last night, but my son had other plans for me. While playing Little League he slid into second base and got opened up by the spikes by the shortstops cleats. Luckily there was no nerve or tendon damage so a few hours after it happened we were walking out of Monmouth Medical Center with 16 stitches needed to close, 4 in and 12 out.

     I was going fishing last night because today I am heading up to the Adirondacks to check on the houses and tighten up the yards and plant some bigger for sale signs. Then I am heading home Friday and joining my Trout Unlimited chapter at our annual Beaverkill trip.
     The fish, at least from the surf, have been here one day, gone the next. I had some fish within the last week, but didn't fish yesterday so I was determined to get out this morning. And it was the right morning to come out. I tried a different spot on the last of the outgoing, which was right about first light. I spotted guys on just about every beach and groin as I drove on Ocean Avenue. My first two choices were taken so I settled on a section that looked fishy. I started from the beach end and got no further than the middle of the groin before I was into some fish. I fished the rip along the rocks, nearly high sticking my Clouser, along and if I got the sinking line down just right and had a good drift, WHAM! I landed three fish to 32" that was a blast because there was a good chop and landing them on the rocks was a challenge. I only stayed for a little over an hour, and had my flurry of fish for about 30 minutes of that. I would usually stay and pound the water with my fly but I just happily left and drove home to pack for the trip up North.

     Today I used my new iPhone camera choosing to leave my Canon G-12 home. The images look good when they are small but withe the Lifeproof case and screen protector on top of that the sharpness and details weren't there. I used it on the gaping wound above, which was just fine for the scrapbook.