Wednesday, May 16, 2012

05.16.12 Got the word from the ortho doc

     I have heard from many of you, especially the die hard fly anglers, who have gone through the shoulder routine before. One thing that is common through all of the experiences is, it hurts like hell before you get it fixed, it usually feels better after the fix, but the 3-4 month rehab is not fun nor does it go quickly.
     Today my ortho doc took a look at the disc of the MRI that I had done two weeks ago. It confirmed a rotator cuff tear caused by bone spurs on the bottom of my collar bone, a done that I had broken twice in my youth. So, yes, he could go in and shave and repair, but he wants to take the physical therapy route before breaking out the scalpel. It looks like 5 weeks of pt, three times a week, plus the at home exercises.

     I'm busting out of here early tomorrow heading up to the Catskills for three days of float trips, then it's back home where I'll get the Jones Brothers wet. I can't wait to pole it around the Shrewsbury looking for those tailing blues!