Wednesday, May 16, 2012

05.16.12 One of my favorite ways to fish

     Today I ran around tightening some things up before I head up to the Upper Delaware for three days of float trips. I had my fly rod on my hood mount and on a whim I decided to take a look to see if anything was going on. I first stopped at the river and found bluefish tailing in the shallow waters of the outgoing tide. They were out of reach but I enjoyed trying to wait them out to see if they would move in. As far as gear, I had a pair of Crocs on, one rod and reel and one fly...and a camera. But I didn't care. Sometimes the more I dumb it down the more I enjoy it. I don't get into my super-serious frame of mind but rather just enjoy being out and casting a matter what that fly is. Today I had a white and black Clouser on size 2 and that should have worked okay in the back since silversides are everywhere.
    I made a stop out front and hit the rocks. There were 4 foot swells that came every 6-8 seconds so the surfers were out in force. It was dead low tide but I didn't care, the cool fog and breeze felt good. I worked the wash maybe hoping to catch my first flounder of the year but not today.

That's okay.....I still had a good time, and my Crocs stuck to the rocks like glue

On another note I got a package on my doorstep the other day. It was my 20 foot TFO push pole for my Jones Brothers boat. It comes in sections and when I get back I'll have to assemble it. I can't wait to get it the boat wet, and give those tailing blues a go!