Sunday, May 27, 2012

05.27.12 An early morning fly fishing with Al

     How lucky am I that I can say that I fly fished this morning with my 88 year young friend Al? Al has caught more fish than days I've been alive and forgot more than I think I know. I am lucky to have met Al  when I first started fly fishing for striped bass. Even though things were slow today we had a great time on a beautiful morning. Rich also joined in and we covered the water pretty good. I fished alone and I dropped a fish after going tight and looking to see if Rich had arrived yet. How many fish have we, or I, lost by going tight and looking left or right to see if anyone is watching? Why do we do that?
     I stopped by Allenhurst and found some anglers waiting for some bait or bass to show up. I know it's fun watching and waiting, but isn't it just as fun to just fish?