Monday, May 14, 2012

05.14.12 Just a check on the 12 million + dollar beach replenishment in Monmouth Beach

     I spent today catching up in the office and organizing the truck which has a mix of fresh and saltwater gear strewn throughout. I did take a ride and make a few casts in the river without a bump and on the way home I stopped by to check on the effects of the recent beach replenishment in Monmouth Beach. If you can remember I have been taking pictures since the project began back in the fall where sand was pumped onto Little and Big Monmouth beaches. At the time of completion in January the groin/rock wall in front of Big Monmouth was covered and sloped down into the water. Soon a hard cut with a 6 foot drop ran along the beach, and now the rocks are exposed.

It will only be a matter of time before Mother Nature does with the sand what she wants to do...and fly-fishers will be able to fish the fall blitzes in the pocket where the rocks meet the beach (see below)

With some interest I stopped along the way as I traveled south to see if anything was on the pods of bunker that have been traveling along the shore. I found these anglers watching and waiting as happy menhaden popped and splashed just out of range of the snagging treble hooks. I have heard of a blitz here and there over the last two weeks, with the lucky anglers who were there catching big fish.