Wednesday, May 23, 2012

05.23.12 Got a taste of the salt...and some Oreos too!

     Went out for a ride down to the beach to see if anything was going on. No sign of life from the beach, although my buddy Jason Dapra from Blitzbound Charters was out on a charter and he said he was on them good. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bag of Oreo Doublestuffs under the seat in my truck. They were leftover from one of my Upper Delaware trips this past weekend. It was finding a bunch of change under the seat when your on the Parkway and without cash. 
     I switched the fly line over on the 12 wt Access, going from the Salwater All Rounder to the Depth Charge 550 grain. There was big waves and the heavier line made casting, mending, and cutting easier. I fish for a hour and didn't get a bump. Earlier in Long Branch I found the guy down at the bottom crossing Ocean Ave with a fish in hand. I saw a large pod of dolphins in Deal slowly cruising heading north. It looked fishy....but that was about it.