Tuesday, May 8, 2012

05.08.12 Went looking in the back for bass or blues in the blowing wind

     I was glad to hear that the bluefish have invaded the back bays and rivers. I am glad when they come....and then are glad when they leave, especially when you're targeting stripers. I went back at it today but the wind seemed to be blowing to 35 and that made casting fun. As a right handed angler, that cross body wind is a bitch when you are trying to throw flies a ways out. Today the wind was at a perfect 90 degrees from where I wanted the fly to land, and I needed another 50 foot out.
    On one cast I felt the hook pierce my skin near my groin but luckily it didn't set. I am glad I pinch down my barbs as that could have been a little painful.

The perigee full moon we just had had the moon 14 % bigger and 30% brighter. It was nice to have that much light rowing off the Mainstem but it's wreaked havoc on the high tides and currents. In a few days it will all settle down.

I heading back to the Upper Delaware for a few days work....should be a great.