Friday, December 30, 2011

12.30.11 Things blew up in Asbury this morning...well fat shorts at first light

     I saw on one of the forums yesterday that there was good fishing, actually "things went off", in NoMoCo yesterday. For you non-forum guys NoMoCo is Northern Monmouth County. I got down to Asbury Park around 830 and talked with Gus and Serg who each cad caught a half a dozen fat football shorts to 26 inches this morning. Low tide was at 4:50 so it was at the start of the incoming when they hit them. The above angler was a set of rocks south and caught a short or two soaking clams. He had the right idea as it was a beautiful morning to sit, relax, and fish. While at the parking lot the city had a machine filling in the pot holes that come back after every rain. 
     I saw some birds diving out a ways and the water temps are still holding at 51 degress (NOAA) so it doesn't appear to be over. 

I am sure the beaches will be busy this weekend as anglers attempt to catch their first day of the year striper  in 2012.