Monday, December 5, 2011

12.05.11 The fog lasted longer than we did at the Barnegat Light ramp...

     Late last night I reached out to fellow photographer Rob Yaskovic to see if he could fish today. Rob's always eager to fish, but four kids at home always puts a cramp on fishing. He got the green light and was at my house this morning at 530. We headed down to Barnegat Light where we would drop the boat in and take the short ride out and give the striped bass a shot and chase some bluefin. Rob said he hit a lot of fog driving south from way up in Sussex County. There was some fog in Ocean but not that bad. As we headed south we could see first light over to our left so I figured the fog would burn off with the sunrise or shortly thereafter. Forget it. By the time we got to the ramp visibility was two blocks at the best and the above picture was taken from 100 feet away. It would get better, then worse, then a little better, then done.
     We waited, and waited and waited, and waited some more before pulling the plug, literally at 10 am. As we turned onto Route 72 in Surf City you could see the mainland was clearing, and by the time we got to the Parkway you could see for miles. 

While we were down there I heard that an angler out on a bar at Area 17 got washed in and nearly drowned. Guys were casting lures at him to snag him, luckily some guys finally got to him. He was in shock and transported to a local hospital. Be careful out there with them waders and wading to the sand bars! Hope he makes a speedy recovery.