Sunday, December 18, 2011

12.18.11 "Baby, it's cold outside...


     That's what I was thinking as I sat in my truck at 8th Ave in Asbury Park and watched as boat after boat headed north to around the Shrewsbury Rocks. I have to hand it to those anglers...they're going to freeze their asses off today. Forget about the headboats with bathrooms and a heated cabin, check out the hardcore guy in the 20 footer in the picture above. Wow! It was 27 from my heated cab!


     Funny what a difference a month makes. Last month we watched as boats from New York motored down to IBSP for that bite, now boats from IBSP are coming up this way. A few anglers here got out and gave it a go off the rocks, without a bump.

Today NOAA and a surf site are showing water temps just at 50, with air temps in the low 30's. Next week I'm seeing air temps up into the mid 50's. Crazy swings.