Sunday, October 24, 2010

10.24.10 Great morning..until I snapped another rod

What a good day. Instead of getting up at 510 am, I slept "in" and set my alarm to 545, 35 more minutes of sleep. I stopped by the 7-11 in Asbury, got a coffee and the NYT before stopping at 8th Ave to see what was up there, nothing. I decided to head up to Deal and give that a shot. While getting ready my Biddy Al came into the lot and he was telling me where he was fishing. I started out along the jetty and with every cast tons of bait would splash out of the water. I moved to another jetty to the south and settled into the water where the jetty meets the beach. The sun was just breaking the horizon when I saw fish breaking the water near the end of the jetty. I looked to my right and Al and two guys were a beach over from where I was and they didn't see what was going on. I made sure the fly line wasn't wrapped around my legs and my fly had a point and good know. I started casting into some swirls behind the bait. After a bit I saw a fish jump out of the water and I made a good cast and shortly had a heavy fish on, for a minute. And then the fish were gone. Maybe 10 mins from the time I saw the first fish until it was quiet. I tried to make some extra long casts with my 8wt backup rod, an old Orvis Streamline....SNAP goes the weasel. That's another one I have to send back, that's two in a week, and four this year. After that I stopped in Allenhurst and Asbury Park, nothing going on there. Tomorrow morning I will have to cast my 9 foot 5 wt if I want to fish, I have no more fly rods. But good news, they're shipping my SPEY rod tomorrow morning!