Sunday, October 3, 2010

10.03.10 Rough early morning in Deal

It was a nice crisp fall morning in Deal around sunrise, the only problem the northeast wind was blowing around 40 mph. Not easy with the fly rod. Actually, it wasn't bad. I fished the south side of the groin above and with the wind from the NE, it made for easy casting. The image above was taken about 745, and the waves were much bigger at the 545 am start. I read and article recently that the biggest problem fly guys have is not getting the fly down to where the fish are, especially if they're not looking up yet. So I added a fast sink tip to my floating line and put on a new leader and picked a larger heavier fly. I was casting for about an hour and a half and decided that was about it. I made a cast off the groin into the wash and reeled the line in. As I got to to where the black sink tip was on my rod and my fly right where the jetty meets the beach, my line started to move along the jetty. I was puzzled at first and watched it travel a short bit, and before I realized I had a fish on, it was gone. So that kept me there another 45 mins for nothing. Even with the wind and big waves the water was clear. If things calm down just a bit it should be good tomorrow. I'll be back at Deal in the am and then off to the Hook to hunt for albies.