Saturday, October 16, 2010

10.16.10 Another 3 hours on the beach, and my brothers deer

I didn't go last night or this morning. But I did go from about 1130 - 3 pm this afternoon. Birds everywhere. No bunker like yesterday. Wicked NW wind up to 40 mph. Made blind casts off the jetty and into the wash along Loch Arbour. Saw a picture from a guy who got a 42 inch fish that must have weighed 35 pounds Thursday night on 8th Ave around 530 in the afternoon. He got it on a Vision, rubber eel. I stopped by my brothers house and found him go-go over this really cool deer he got this morning across the street from his house. He did it the way it should be done. Hunted for 15 minutes and got one. Anyway it's "special" because the spike bucks tynes are never that long and symmetrical. Cool, I guess. "How do you release it now?"