Thursday, October 21, 2010

10.20.10 Fished three times, three towns, zero fish

I hit it three times today, with varying effort, in between work and kids. I started in Asbury Park around noon, doing an 8th Ave drive by. Then I went to Long Branch and hit the beach behind Takanasee, then hit Sea Bright behind the municipal parking lot. I was rushed for time there, and went kind of bare bones, slippery Crocs on the groin, and just a fly rod in hand. While driving there I saw a guy hauling two large blues down the steps off the sea wall at Monmouth Beach. Later in the day I went back down to Asbury to spend some time looking, and then went back at 8 pm and fished the scarp and the wash with nothing. Ugly weather on the way- so maybe it will churn up this flat water we've been having.