Sunday, October 17, 2010

10.17.10 So after real work, I hit the beach

Today I shot the Giants and Lions game at the new ?? Giants/Jets/Meadowlands stadium. On Monday night I shot the Jets versus Vikings game at the new ?? Jets/Giants/Meadowlands stadium. That's really the story- whose stadium is it, what should it be named and what do fans from both sides think about it. That's what I was covering for one of our clients. Of course I made sure we got credentialed for the game and to shoot on the field. It was tough, 1 o'clock start, means high hard sun. Monday during the Jets game, they pulled the fans from the seats because of lightning and torrential rain. I got a few for the tank. After work and after getting settled back in, I took a quick ride to 8th Ave and found a flat, slack tide, partially lit moon beautiful ocean with no sign of life. And then I left.