Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10.19.10 You shouldda been here yesterday...great

Today was great...took care of stuff in the morning, figured I'd go for a bit in the early afternoon. As soon as I got there, "We're you here yesterday?" That's never a good sign. Around 9 am they had a blitz of blues, big blues, to 20 pounds, ripping through mullet up on the beach just south of 8th Ave. Today, water flat, incoming tide, boring, boring , boring. Water was crystal clear. I fished for about an hour. I had a blast talking with the guys trying to figure out when it's coming next. It wasn't today, well not yet.

I am going now to work on my "Bug of the Month" for tonights Trout Unlimited meeting, I might do a talk on didymo, or another bug, not sure.

I worked on an article with guide Dan Ansbach for American Angler magazine, it didn't make the print version, but it is on line, check it out HERE