Monday, October 4, 2010

10.04.10 Gonna be a tough week

When my alarm went off at 520 am this morning I looked outside and saw the large tree in my backyard swaying back and forth. I reached over and hit the off button and went back to bed. I did head down to Allenhurst around 845 and looked out s big waves crashed on the jetty and rain pelted the area. Not a fisherman or surfer in sight. So I put my waders on and grabbed my rod and headed down to fish the relatively calm area behind the jetty. I though for sure there were fish there since a small flock of birds was picking stuff out of the wash there. With a strong N-NE wind casting wasn't too bad. A few "rouge" waves came over and snuck up on me from behind when I went out too far. I fished for about an hour. It's going to be a tough week, and season, if this kind of weather continues.