Friday, October 15, 2010

10.15.10 Long day on the beach- getting closer

Today I spent the better part of my day waiting for fish to come, that never came. It was fun though repeatedly meeting up with the same guys as they made their way from Deal, to Allenhurst, to Long Branch, to Asbury Park- and oh yeah, in between, running home to knock off something the Honey-Do List, getting something to eat, or even working. Do striper fisherman do that. I don't know, really, I have been asked down on the jetty or beach when I work, and I see the same guys everytime I go down. Today I started at the beach club in Allenhurst, through the binoculars I could see tons, I mean tons, of birds on the water, over the water, watching the water. Several times they would set up over the bunker that was crashing through the surface. They would get up, then get down. Go out and then come in, but never close enough. Last night they came in, from the sounds of it they came up on the jetty and opened guys tackle boxes and hooked themselves. It was that good. One guy, several people witnessed, had nine keepers during a that 2am free for all. So the rest of us figured 2 am last night, then they'll come back 2pm this afternoon. Nothing. A pod of bunker around 3 pm got within a 1/4 mile cast of a 1 pound snagging hook that a guy was throwing. So what does that mean, nothing. Just gotta be there, and you just gotta keep coming out.