Saturday, October 23, 2010

10.22.10 Early morning fishing....later snapped my rod

So I started out hopeful that the fish would be on the beach in Deal. I got out to Phillips Ave about 545 am, and there were a few regulars out since dark. I fish the jetty end on the north side and had one on briefly. I fished the cut along that beach up to the pilings with lots of promise but no strikes. Then I dropped down below the jetty where tons of bait was up in the wash and an occasional swirl came up behind. I fished for about an hour before heading back down to Allenhurst and Asbury to see what was up.

I had to shoot down in Atlantic City so I took along my rod, waders, and stripping basket in case something broke down there. I had my buddy with me, and loose fly rod with friend in the jumpseat= eventual broken rod tip. I found that out after dropping him off and sneaking down to the Shark River Inlet to make some blind casts.

So, looks like it's back to Orvis for that rod- that's three in 6 months. I switched over to my 9 foot 8 weight Clearwater.