Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10.06.10 Finally caught the blitz, well saw one

Don't get excited, I didn't catch it. I started around 645 am in Deal. Nice calm day, no wind, a few big waves. I worked my way out onto the Phillips Ave jetty and started to fish. I was making good casts, having fun, all alone. I was only about a third of the way out when I turned and saw a wave like on Hawii Five-O coming at me. I dropped on foot back and took the entire wave from head to toe. I though for sure I would be knocked over, knocked unconscious, and my new fishing friend Al would find my body tomorrow in the wash. Luckily I stood my ground but was more careful from then on out. I headed up to Allenhurst and as soon as I got there I met up with a guy I see at 8th Ave. We killed them last night and early this morning. Just what I wanted to hear. So I fished till about 9, then it was off to work.
After work I headed back down, first to Asbury, where the guys on the jetty were trying to avoid the 200 surfers surfing right on the jetty. As I was getting ready two guys hooked up close to the beach so I grabbed my rod and headed down. I worked the wash and rip, nothing. Headed to Alenhurst, nothing. Came back to Asbury, small blitz- few keepers, like the one above. Then I headed down to Avon around 7pm. Nothing. Then back to Asbury and 8th Ave. I pull in the lot, there is about 150 cars there, but only three guys on the jetty and maybe a half a dozen surfing. So I take my time and get my stuff and as I head to the jetty I look over and those 100 guys, well maybe 15, are landing striper after striper in front of the Loch Arbor Beach Club. I run over and start casting the fly rod, nothing, go out too far, and get almost swamped by a wave. Then I realize after 20 mins, I have no fly on my rod. Then the group moves to the jetty and they start hooking up there. Keeper and keeper, and a few shorts. I casted my friggin' arm off. Nothing. I think I just suck. I won't be going in the morning, that'll show them!