Sunday, September 21, 2014

09.21.14 Great day out with some new bodies in the boat...

     Had a great day out with Andrew, Joe and Ian. Started out in some sloppy water where the albies were eating good. Less boat traffic out here today where we were so it made closing in on the birds and fish a little easier. We stopped and ate as the tide went slack and then had a slow pick in the afternoon before the clouds and rain moved in. Andrew and Ian had several fish and Joe had two on but they


came unbuttoned, so no pics of him just yet. On one fish Andrew who was fishing the back of the boat went tight and as the albie screamed into the backing he felt his line knotted up in a flash. I grabbed the line but the fish went under the boat and snapped off, at least we saved the rod. One thing about albie fishing, everything is quick. They are here and gone, up and down, and tight and into the backing before the blink of an eye. 


     Below Ian holds a nice fish sporting the STORMR Fusion jacket which came out this fall. I have been wearing mine the whole week and its the jacket I need for early fall before switching over to the STRYKER jacket. You can see more on the Fusion HERE

Below are a few pics of Montauk guides in action from today....

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