Thursday, September 4, 2014

09.04.14 Starting to see some bigger bait, and BIG bait eaters, in close.....

     Went down to the beach around 530, not to fish, but just scout the glass flat water. Outgoing tide, no wind, perfect to see for miles. As I scanned the horizon back and forth, really looking for albies, I saw dark pods in the water. Couldn't really see if there was anything on them unless I looked through the 300mm lens on my "real" camera. Yes, I am lugging around my real cameras as both G-12's are at Canon because of exposure to the salty elements. I didn't see anything blow up but the bunker remained tight as I watched. I waited to see if any whales were around as my buddy and I saw one breach off in the distance yesterday. Meanwhile over on the New York side .......

.....charter captain and author John McMurray was in close in 20 feet of water and had a whale blowing up on the bunker. This should be a good sign of things to come if we can just get those bass, blues, and albies to start coming south sooner than later.

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