Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11.21.12 Great day in Union Beach, and those "Dam Mormons"

     Great day in Union Beach. Started driving around looking to help and found lots of crews of contractors full steam ahead either demo-ing or starting the rebuilding process. We did find this home on Park Ave in need of some helping hands so we jumped in. Dave, the homeowner, is disabled and has had a bunch of groups and individuals lending a hand. As I approached the home I wondered why the area at the curb was clean and a big pile of debris was just outside the door. I met with a woman from the Calgary Church was working at the home and she said her group had put the stuff to the curb and "the, um, well, the Mormons did it." So from that point on, several times an hour and anytime anyone would ask I would say, "It was the dam Mormon's". I say it without malice as they, and several other in and out of state religious groups, have been boots on the ground and working hard for weeks.
So we spent hours either loading stuff into a dumpster which was across the street or making a new pile on the curb for the town to take.

     Further up the street I found two homes that have become a dropoff point for clothes donations and people would frequently stop and get out and look for items they need. A fair warning to those not affected by the storm is displayed on a fence.

     Union Beach really got hit hard. Just about every bay front home and business was destroyed. Below are pictures of Brook Street, which Flat Creek runs alongside coming off the Raritan Bay. Flat Creek runs all the way up to the PNC Arts Center and during Sandy and the surge it flooded and just swallowed up homes on either side of her for blocks upon blocks from the bay. Below is the foundation of a home on the north side of Brook Street, the home is gone, and the boat didn't come from the street. 

It was great to help out, sorry Paul that I missed you before I left. 


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