Saturday, October 24, 2020

10.24.20 No good bite before the storm, but the surfers were happy...

      Well this week the weather is going to turn, and fast. Tropical Storm Epsilon is off the east coast and today those on the beach were met with big swells, good for the surfers, not so good for the anglers. This storm is going to bring rain, winds, and a cold spell that'll shock your mums and have you bundling up when outside and probably firing up the heat for a few days in a row. 

     This morning I went around 530. There were anglers up and down the beach trying to find fishable water in the dark and looking for some protection from the swells. I lasted out front for about 30 minutes before ducking inside to find flat conditions, and not much for life.

     I switched up from a sinking line with a dumbbell eyed Snake Fy and sand eel trailer to an intermediate line with a Bob's Banger up front with a Jim Matson peanut bunker fly behind. Found one sympathetic little guy that made my outing worth it. I went back out from and found conditions better as the outgoing tide helped calm the swell a bit. Had a corner to myself, except for the surfers who were polite taking if they could jump in,  but no fish were home. 

     Didn't see any bait out front or in the back. I was surprised by that. Hopefully the change in weather will bring those fish that are hanging in Long Island down to the New York Bight. Below is the fishing report from the Miss Belmar Princess,

October 23rd, 2020

Stripers & Blues

JUMBO STRIPERS up to 50 lbs are being caught not far from out inlet! So, as of tomorrow Saturday Oct 24th, we will be sailing daily for stripes and blues from 730-230 pm See you then...

and today, a day later.....

October 24th, 2020

Stripers & Blues

This morning we started out looking for stripers on the beach to no avail. We saw some bunker life and were able to snag some. We than ran offshore and picked at some blues up to 12 lbs with some nice sea bass in the mix. Fishing today was on the slow side today....

On my way home from Gateway Marine I stopped by Leifs house. Wanted to introduce him to the boat. He fished alone this morning and came up empty, like the other guys I spoke with. I can't wait to get the boat in the water soon, but more on that in tomorrows post.