Monday, October 12, 2020

10.12.20 Great, great night fishing on the start of the weather...

     Lot to catch up on. So last night the weather from Hurricane Delta hit New Jersey. NE to E winds from 20-25 mph, incoming tide, soaking wet and rain hitting your face like BB's. No doubt my favorite weather outside of sight fishing. Add to that not one guy fishing across three towns and doing in it the dark and I'm in heaven. First spot below I thought was no brainer but that's why I am not a striped bass. 


     My next spot couldn't wait to get out there, started around 1030 almost midway on the flood. Was walking across the beach and looking to the waters edge and thinking how fishable it was. Then I did a Triple Lindy down the beach scarp almost face planing in the trough. It was scary, nearly painful, but I bet a winner on the You Tube fails channel. Anyway, I picked one solo fly on the Helios 2 11wt with 300 gr line and went with that all night long. 

     You can see in the above shot how sweet the water was, clean, except the pockets started to gather the garbage, and plenty of water, not too much, and fishable in that water was running up the scarp. NE wind keeps the water on that left to right sweep. Below you can see the rain going sideways. I finished up at 230 am, never getting chased off the groins as the soft between-the-moon tides made conditions manageable. I chose not to take any fish you really need proof? well, the reason I didnt post any was because I didn't catch any, but it was one of my more enjoyable outings this fall. 

     And, Althea, my new ride, made her maiden voyage down to the salt last evening. That's a 1995 GMC K2500 there, only 193,500 miles. A lot different than the 2014 F 150, but I like this better, bench seat, no cab, and a 8 foot long bed. I am going to restore her to her original glory, maybe. 

     And in funny that was cool news. The other day I posted up some Tibor reels I am selling for Jim's wife Laura. There's a bunch if you're interested. Anyway, Jason Taylor reached out and wanted one. We went back and forth, I didn't have the reels, he lives in Philly, and we'd have to find a way to meet up. 


With so much interest in the reels on Facebook Marketplace we took a ride out to Laura's after getting home from Cape May. As I'm telling Laura that "JT" is interested in one, Theresa tells me she's working last night in the City of Brotherly Love, which isn't far from where JT lives. So, they made a quick reel deal on the corner before she went upstairs to work. I'm no gear guy, always using Orvis, but they tell me these Tibor's are a workhorse of a reel.

     This weekend we went south. My plan was to shut down work at the Cape May house long enough on Saturday to have dinner at Angelo's in Atlantic City, hit the Borgata, and fish a bit in the Absecon Inlet on the city's north end. We ate good, Theresa covered the great meal at the slots, and there was no fishing to be had. The rocks were lined with bait anglers, I just wasnt feeling it. 

     As far as the "house" in Cape May, its a Park Model Home, okay a trailer, that is set in the coolest resort down there, Cape Island Resort. We purchased in July and went right to work, with much approval from our neighbors who's places are beautiful. Below you can see the before and after pictures, just a little trim work to do on the living room/kitchen floor. 

     It really is a great spot, great place, lots to do and everyone there is an owner, NO RENTALS! Which makes it really nice knowing everyone who comes and goes, security is in place and the 5 mph speed limit keeps it real quiet. 

     And then on a seasonal note.....just wanted to share a picture of our decorated house. If you look to the left you can see my favorite part of our decorations. Oh wait....there's something in the way...stay tuned!